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Dear delegates,
Greetings from Jammu!

“In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power - including
strong and principled diplomacy”
~ Barack Obama

It is an absolute pleasure that I invite you to the sixth edition of JODHAMAL YOUTH CONCLAVE.

JYC, what started with a group of 15 students has now reached to such a great extent that it produces hundreds of  diplomats every edition. With each passing edition JYC has witnessed immense growth. The bar for discussion and deliberation has been set so high that JYC has gained huge amount of respect in the MUN circuit.

Being the global citizens, we come across various issues that affect the people around us and we need to bring a change to mend them. JYC is not only the perfect place to display your debating and diplomatic prowess but also ignite the zeal to dare and create change.

JYC lets you explore the global as well as national issues, helps understand the political systems and much more.
Having wide array of committees, all the way from UNSC to Lok Sabha, with very important and intriguing agenda’s await your presence.

6 years back, I still remember myself in my very first MUN, thinking about what MUN does to a person and today I can tell you that it makes a person knowledgeable, altruistic and  a diplomat and It is my aim that I want everyone around me to be like this.

Once again, on behalf of my secretariat,  I will be looking forward to seeing you all in JYC where everyone of you will be a part of change that changes the world for good.

Secretary General
Aarya Mahajan


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             It is with great honor and humility that I
welcome youto the 6th editionof Jodhamal Youth Conclave.
For the past six years,
Jodhamal Youth Conclave has provided young
delegates a platform to eloquently express themselves articulate
their opinions and to give wings to their
diplomatic prowess. As Stephen King once said
“Some birds are not meant to be caged,
that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild”,
This quote brings
out the true essence of Jodhamal Youth Conclave,
as it gives everyone the spotlight to
prove themselves and share their viewpoint without hesitation, as it encapsulates an
encouraging and constraint free environment, to propagate fruitful deliberations.
Today we all are thriving in a society which is stuck in a quagmire, mainly so, due to
various issues and conflicts all over the world. From the war raging in Europe to
dilemmas created due depriving humans of fundamental rights. To resolve these issues
and to overcome the dire challenges faced by humanity, JYC brings to you six unique
committees, each tackling issues in their respective fields, to procure the much needed
change to ensure a bright future.
Year after year, JYC strives to be bigger and better, serving as a trendsetter for best
practices in Model UN conferences across the country. This edition of JYC expects to
push the delegates to their limits, to help them flourish as a person with an all round
holistic development to their character. I encourage all participants to be pragmatic in
their outlook towards this conference. This entails understanding the values and
principles behind each agenda in order to reform policy and gauge the mechanism of
Global Politics.
Auf Wiedersehen!
Aditya Kumar
Dy. Secretary General


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