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Jodhamal Youth Conclave '23 presents



"Discussing the status of the centre - state relationship in India with special reference to the Punchhi commission report"

Image by Shruti Singh


The Lok Sabha at JYC’23 seeks to accentuate and orchestrate the reality with reference to different levels of policy making and jurisdiction as delegates portray different MP’s from India's diverse political parties. The Sabha expects its representatives to be well versed, with their party's ideology, manifesto, and beliefs, which helps the representatives grasp the multi-layered processes that go behind policy- making and governance in India, providing them with explicit experience to the hitches and hurdles that political parties face in modern times. We’re seeking to foster politically illuminated individuals that are fit to become the new flag bearers of the nation.

With immense jubilation we welcome you to the Lok Sabha to deliberate upon the agenda:
Discussing upon the status of the centre-state relationship in India with special reference to the Punchhi commission report

As per the Indian constitution, India, that is Bharat is a union of states and strengthening this Quasi federal system is critical for meeting the demands of people governed by state governments while also accommodating the variation in the social fabric of the nation.
The conundrums that have emerged in recent times giving rise to conflicts and damage to the social and political fabric are issues undoubtedly in dire need of discussion.
Furthermore, The Punchhi Commission, a commission on center-state relations set up by the Indian government in 2007,with Justice Madan Mohan Punchhi serving as its head. presented its Report in March 2010. In light of the changes to India’s polity and economy, since the Sarkaria Commission
last examined Centre-State relations more than 20 years ago, the Punchhi Commission was established to look into the contemporary issues of Centre-State relations.In March 2010, the Commission gave its report to India’s then-Home Minister.To examine and review the operation of the current agreements between the Union and States, as well as various court rulings regarding powers, duties, and obligations in all areas, including legislative relations, administrative relations, the role of governors, emergency provisions, financial relations, economic and social planning, institutions under the Panchayat Raj , and the sharing of resources like inter-state river water, among others. Since it’s implementation tensions have only increased between the center and the state. The committee shall be focusing on providing necessary solutions to these predicaments and curtail any further damage.
The Lok Sabha hence calls the upcoming Rajnetas and policymakers of the country to gather and terminate the issue and meliorate the ‘Nav Bharat’


Executive Board -Lok Sabha

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