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Jodhamal Youth Conclave '23 presents



"Deliberation on implementation of Digital Media Ethics Code and Online Safety Bill, which contradicts free speech"

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The International Press Corps has returned with renewed vigor, promising an enthralling platform that enables the untapped potential of journalists and photographers. This year's proceedings will encompass a

captivating blend of in-depth reporting, shedding light on global

crises, and spirited debates aimed to fill the cracks of the fourth

pillar of democracy. We will diligently report on five pressing

world issues, with an unwavering commitment to uncovering the


The DIGITAL MEDIA ETHICS CODE, designed to establish responsible standards for online journalism, has encountered scrutiny for its potential impact on freedom of speech. Detractors contend that the code's rigorous regulations and provisions for censorship have the potential to curtail diverse perspectives and impede open dialogue. Likewise, apprehensions have been voiced regarding the ONLINE SAFETY BILL, which could unintentionally limit freedom of speech by virtue of its extensive reach and methods of enforcement. Striking a delicate equilibrium between online safety and the preservation of individual liberties presents a formidable challenge in today's digital era. By adhering to our agenda, we endeavor to reveal the true essence

of democracy. Subsequently, we expect our journalists to deliver unbiased content, underpinned by thorough research conducted prior to addressing each topic. The role of journalists will encompass the noble pursuit of broadening perspectives by delivering change

harmoniously and subtly.

Executive Board - IPC

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